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Winter Storage

When the Folding Camper season has drawn to a close it is best practice to spend a little time preparing you camper for winter storage. This not only ensures your camper will survive the harsh winters but can save you a lot of time and money in the new season replacing parts that did not survive. Some of the most common things that people find when they resurrect their camper in the new season are brakes that have seized, bedding and inner linings damp and sometimes even rotted, fridges that have grown mould inside, these are only to mention but a few. So take some time before you stow the camper away and follow our steps below.

Winter Storage


Drain hot water tanks

~    Open valve by water heater

Drain all taps

~    Open all taps so water can drain out

Leave fridge door ajar

~    Lets the air circulate

Empty toilet (waste tank)

~    Makes a mess if it freezes

Drain toilet (fresh tank)

~    From water level tube

Leave cupboard door open

~    Lets the air circulate



Air the canvas to make sure totally dry before storing

Do not leave the fresh water bottle in the trailer, remove cap, let the air circulate

Can remove all inners / canvas, but if stored in the loft make sure it is mice free

Store camper inside if possible (garage, barn)

Use winter cover, it keeps the trailer clean not dry (breathable not water proof)



What We Do



We store inside where possible

We place bubble wrap (big bubbles) under cover for added insulation

We tip the trailer so any water will run off the cover