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Raclet Quickstop

Raclet Quickstop


Length Towing/ Storing

Ex Works


Inc. Hitch



380 kg

650 kg

330 cm

144 cm

120 cm

Tyre Size

Tyre Pressure

Set Up Size



Awning Size

135 x13


200 cm

420 cm

250 x 420 cm

Make: Raclet

Model: Quickstop  -  The Quickstop is the most basic and quickest to set up folding camper. The Quickstop is the easiest of the four berth folding campers to erect. The canvas stays fully attached to the beds at all times. There are no poles to connect and just the cooker to set up. Cooker can be used in cabin or in the awning (stand included). Awnings are supplied as standard.

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