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Fitting Information Related to Gas

Gas Valves

Gas valves are normally found in the cupboard under the sink / hob unit. The valves normally feed the fridge, hob, oven, hot water and heating, where fitted.

Normally when the handle is inline with outlet pipe, the gas is on. Be aware though there are exceptions to this rule. Pennine Pathfinder /  Conway Crusader where the fridge valve is in a nose cone and the Trigano / Raclet where the hob valve is on the connection fitting of the gas canister.


First check that the knobs on the hob are turned fully off before making any connection to the supply.

Connect the gas pipe to the supply and turn on the gas canister valve. Press down and turn on the control for the burner. Light with a match or lighter. Hold down the control for 10 seconds after the gas lights.


Assuming the connection procedure above has been carried out for the hob to work.

Open oven door and turn heat control knob to high and push in. Light the burner at the back of the oven with a match or lighter. After burner lights, hold the control knob in for 10 seconds and then adjust to the required temperature.


First check that the knobs on the fridge are turned fully off before making any connection to the supply.

Turn on gas valve. The fridge will normally light a lot easier if the hob has been lit first. Open the fridge door. Move the control knob to the big flame mark. Push in the knob, click lighter ignition button till small blue flame is visible, through the small lens in bottom left corner, inside fridge. This can take 20 / 30 seconds, hold knob in for 10 seconds. Sometimes the fridge will go out after a short, it is normally due to air in the pipe. just re-light the fridge and turn control to set the right temperature. When fridge / freezer is running on gas, to stow away for travel, switch the fridge off and let vent cool before fitting covers condensation will form inside.

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