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Fitting Information related to Electric

12v System

You can get 12v in three ways to supply your camper

Supplied via your car which comes through the 12S (Grey or White socket on your tow bar)

From the campers own 12v battery, which if the 12S socket was connected, would charge on your journey in most cases.

Or from an electric hook up at the site transformed down to 12v. Transformer has to be fitted in the camper.

Mains 240v System

Mains 240v is supplied onsite via a mains lead. Note: This is a specific lead used to hook up and not just a household extension lead. Mainly due to the cable being heavier duty, bright coloured for others to see, but most importantly sites only use these connections for safety, being waterproof.


Mains 240v fridges. Plug in mains making sure that all trips and fuses are turned on. Turn on the big rocker switch for mains. Adjust the temperature by knob next to switch. The 12v fridge requires supply via your car dropper. Switch on by small rocker switch, there is no adjustment on 12v system fridges. Only works on 12v when the car engine is running. A three way fridge with ice box. Full fridge on gas and mains 240v and cool box on 12v. Only run fridge on one power supply at a time