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Folding Campers are a cross between caravanning and camping, giving the best of both worlds in that they are as well equipped as a caravan but are easier to tow, being low with less drag, and also easy to store too.

Welcome to the Folding Camper Information site, a site that is packed with information to give an insight into the world of Folding Campers. Information like the advantages, winter storage, general information, how to erect and different Folding Camper specifications, Interior and exterior. We even have information on buying a pre-owned Folding Camper on our For Sale page and if you have one to sell consider filling out out our We Buy form.

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Models covered in this site are:

Pennine Apollo  -  Pennine Fiesta  -  Pennine Sterling  -  Pennine Sovereign  -  Pennine Pullman  -  Pennine Pentium  -  Pennine Pathfinder

Trigano Randger 415DL  -  Trigano Randger 575TLX  -  Trigano Randger 575TC

Raclet Solena  -  Raclet Allegra  -  Raclet Quickstop  -  Raclet Super Quickstop  -  Raclet Tamaris

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